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Food Grade Juice Double Filter For Ice Stick Pops Juice Filtering -

Food Grade Juice Double Filter For Ice Stick Pops Juice Filtering

Food Grade Juice Double Filter For Ice Stick Pops Juice Filtering

The juice double filter is an extremely critical step in the process of making popsicle […]



The juice double filter is an extremely critical step in the process of making popsicle juice. The food grade juice double filter’s main function is to filter out impurities and particles in the popsicle juice to ensure the quality and taste of the popsicle. Compared with traditional filters, the stainless steel double-layer filter has higher filtration efficiency and better filtration effect, and can effectively remove impurities and particles in the popsicle juice, making the popsicle juice clearer and smoother in taste.

juice double filters

Juice Double Filter Advantages

High filtration precision, particles above 0.2 microns can be filtered in one go;
It has the characteristics of large dirt holding capacity, fast filtration speed, low cost of use and easy operation;
Made of food-grade stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, long service life and easy to clean;
The fully enclosed design ensures that Popsicle Juice is in a sterile environment and prevents materials from being contaminated;
Two filters are used alternately, and the filter screen can be replaced without stopping the machine, which is suitable for continuous production;

Double Filter Working Principle

The liquid enters from the side or bottom of the filter container, and rushes into the filter bag from above the oil bag supported by the mesh basket. The filter bag expands due to the impact of the liquid and the uniform pressure surface, causing the popsicle liquid material to spread throughout the filter bag. The surface is evenly distributed, and the liquid that penetrates the filter bag is discharged from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter along the wall of the metal supporting basket. The filtered out particulate impurities are trapped in the filter bag, completing the filtration process. To replace or clean the filter bag, just loosen the eye bolt, turn the handwheel to lift the upper cover, and then take it out.

juice double filter details

Food Grade Double Filter Parameter

Filter area 0.15m’, 0.30m2
Filtration capacity 5t/h, 10t/h;
Applicable temperature ≤s120°C;
Filter pore size 60 ~ 400 months (optional);
Working pressure s0.2MPa;
Filter material 304/316L;
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter 32mm, 40mm;

Ice Stick Pops Juice Double Filter Features

A release valve is installed on the top to discharge the air in the filter during filtration.

It consists of two cylindrical cylinders and connecting pipes. The inner and outer surfaces are polished. The filter cylinder is equipped with a stainless steel filter screen and a filter support basket;

The connection between the upper cover and the filter cartridge adopts a quick-opening structure, which makes it easier to clean (replace) the filter. Three adjustable feet allow the filter to be placed stably on the ground.

The connecting pipes are connected by unions or clamps, and the inlet and outlet valves are opened and closed by sanitary butterfly valves, which are pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant, flexible and convenient to operate, and no leakage of material liquid, which is more hygienic.

juice double filter details

Stainless steel double filter is of great significance for making high-quality popsicle juice. It can not only improve the quality and taste of the product, but also ensure the hygiene and safety of the juice. It is a must-have tool for bosses who want to engage in popsicle production. If you are also interested in this Popsicle Ice Juice Filter, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a free quote!!


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