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Pillow Cushion Vacuum Packing Machine -

Pillow Cushion Vacuum Packing Machine

Pillow Cushion Vacuum Packing Machine

The pillow vacuum packaging machine is a packaging machine designed to reduce the volume of […]



The pillow vacuum packaging machine is a packaging machine designed to reduce the volume of the packaged items. Some people in the market call it vacuum packaging. Strictly speaking, vacuum compression packaging is compression shaping packaging. Suitable for compression packaging of down quilts, space quilts, pillows, cushions, clothing, sponges and other fluffy items.

pillow vacuum packing machine

The compression packaging machine uses a cylinder to compress the product, discharge the air in the packaging bag, and form a “pseudo vacuum state” inside the packaging bag to tightly wrap the product or package. Its structure is simple and its movement is flexible. It is an ideal packaging equipment for manufacturers of fluffy items. The packaged items are smooth and beautiful, moisture-proof and dust-proof, and can also reduce the size of the packaged items, thus greatly reducing storage and transportation costs.

Pillow Vacuum Packing Machine Advantages

1. Ultra-high compression rate: the volume after compression packaging is 1/5 of that before compression, thus greatly reducing the logistics costs of home textile enterprises;

2. The compression stroke is adjustable: when compressing large items, the stroke can be increased, and when compressing small items, the stroke can be shortened to speed up;

3. Automated process: To complete the entire compression and sealing process, you only need to press a switch, which not only reduces the company’s labor costs, but also increases work efficiency;

4. Very high stability: This machine uses pneumatic and hydraulic devices as the power source, and the failure rate is much lower than that of traditional electric capping machines, so customers can use it with peace of mind;

pillow vacuum packing machine details

Pillow Vacuum Machine Parameter

 JYD machine Commercial Pillow Cushion Compressed Vacuum Packing Machine
work bench size
seal size
seal number
1 pcs
   Machine weight    180kg

How Does Vacuum Packing Work

pillow vacuum packing process

Step1. Plug in the power switch
Plug in the power, try to plug it into a three-hole socket (three-hole sockets generally have ground wires to prevent static electricity);

Step2.Set panel parameters
Pressing time: 5-15 seconds (depending on the thickness of the material)
Sealing time: 0.2-8 seconds (depending on the thickness of the packaging material
Cooling time: 0.1-9 seconds (depending on the thickness of the packaging material)

Step3. Place the materials to be compressed and packed
Place the materials on the compression packaging platform and arrange the bags, ensuring that the bag seals are flat and do not overlap or have wrinkles;

Step4. Press the start switch to start compression packaging
Hold both ends of the bag mouth with both hands, keep the bag mouth flat while the machine presses down, and then release your hands after the machine’s compression and sealing work is completed;

Step5. Complete packaging
The machine will complete packaging according to the set parameters and the compression plate will automatically pop up;

Here is the pillow vacuum packing machine youtube video working process in our factory!!

Pillow Packing Machine Details

High precision barometer
Equipped with a high-precision air pressure gauge, reinforced and explosion-proof and durable;

Configure foot switch
It can be connected to a foot switch, and you can directly step on it during work to improve efficiency;

Painted thickened panel
Using thickened steel panels, the bearing capacity is strong, smooth and flat, and can be used for a long time;

Dual compression cylinder
Able to use dual cylinders, the compression efficiency is greater, the working speed is faster, and the efficiency is improved;



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