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Automatic Coffee Caspule Power Filling Sealing Machine -

Automatic Coffee Caspule Power Filling Sealing Machine

Automatic Coffee Caspule Power Filling Sealing Machine

A coffee capsule filling sealing machine is a modern piece of equipment used to fill […]



A coffee capsule filling sealing machine is a modern piece of equipment used to fill coffee capsules quickly and accurately. It is an important innovation in the coffee industry, providing coffee lovers with a more convenient way to make coffee. Coffee capsules are a new packaging method for coffee powder. Because the capsule wall is relatively hard in texture, it can be well maintained at high temperatures and ensure the aroma and richness of coffee, which is why it is loved by consumers at home and abroad.

coffee caspule filling machine

Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine Features

Precision filling components
Spiral filling, precise output, food-grade stainless steel;
Reasonable layout of each device
Reasonable layout and efficient completion of a series of processes;
Pure aluminum integrated disc
Made of pure aluminum, it will not rust or deform, and is more durable;

Here is the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine YouTube video testing for your Brazil customer for your reference!!

Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Specifications

Model KIS-900 KIS-1800
Voltage 110v/220v/380v 110v/220v/380v
Power 1.2 KW 1.6 KW
Working Pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Production Capacity 800 -900 Cups/h 1600 -1800 Cups/h
Filling volume 2-20g adjustable 2-20g adjustable
Cup Diameter Customized Customized
Size 100*130*170 cm 120*150*170 cm
Weight 350kg 480kg
packaged coffee caspule

Coffee Caspule Filling Machine Details

PLC smart touch screen
Supports multiple languages, simple and easy to use (can store multiple sets of parameters);

Filling device
Accurate cutting saves labor and accurate filling (the sealing is firm and the flavor is better preserved);

Heat sealing device
The bag has beautiful shape, tight sealing, and adjustable temperature (can adapt to a variety of sealing materials);

Cup drop device
The rack slide rail storage bin is composed of a push cup cylinder (PLC system control supports multiple types of capsules);

coffee caspule filling machine

Additional Functions Available

Coding function
The roll film sealing cooperates with the coding machine to print the production date;

With the conveyor belt, the cup can be directly discharged onto the conveyor belt, and directly enter the next step through the conveyor belt for packaging, etc.;

Coding function
Usually when sealing film, the production date needs to be printed, and an inkjet printer will be selected. The inkjet printer needs to be used with a conveyor belt;


The coffee capsule filling sealing machine is a very innovative and practical technology. It provides fast, accurate and convenient coffee preparation and ensures the freshness and taste of coffee. As the number of coffee lovers continues to increase, coffee capsule filling machines will play an increasingly important role in the coffee industry.


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