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Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine For Sale -

Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine For Sale

Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine For Sale

The semi-automatic strapping machine uses PP machine belts as strapping materials and is mainly used […]



The semi-automatic strapping machine uses PP machine belts as strapping materials and is mainly used for packaging and strapping cartons, wooden boxes, paper packages, wicker boxes, and cloth packages in commerce, postal services, railways, banks, food, medicine, book distribution and other industries. ; After inserting the machine tape, the machine can automatically complete the strapping process of tape gathering, gluing, cutting and tape unloading.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Advantages

Low noise;
No cassette;
Strong binding force;
No rebound under tension;

Strapping Machine Parameter

Model: KZ-900D
Working Method: Semi-Automatic
Packing belt thickness: 0.7-0.9mm
Packing belt width: 10-14mm
Packing speed: 1.5m/s
Smallest package: 60*60mm
Largest package: Unlimited
Voltage Power 220V/50HZ  300W
Dimension 1320*570*450mm
Gross Weight 80kg

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Features

1>Tool steel making cutter
Brand quality assurance makes the cutter more wear-resistant and has a longer service life;

2>Instant heating
It can be packed within 5 seconds after turning on the power, with simple operation and low failure rate;

3>Power saving function
The machine will automatically stop after running for 35 seconds after stopping the binding work, saving production costs for users;

4>Cam group
Machined from high-quality steel, it controls the movements of the three claws and ironing head with accurate standards, high hardness and long life;

5>Mechanical tensioning
The strapping force is large and the strapping quality is accurate and firm. It is one of the most widely used equipment among semi-automatic strapping machines;

How To Use The Semi Automatic Strappping Machine

(1). Install belt
1. Take out the empty tape reel from the machine and unscrew the tape reel nut.
2. Take out the – side of the tape reel and put the tape roll into the tape reel.
3. Reinstall the tape reel screw flag and lock it

(2). Threading
First hang the belt pulley tripod on the machine and fix the lower edge, then insert the electromagnet wire into the brake magnet lead; pass the belt through the pulley, guide piece, and guide wheel from above until you see the end of the belt passing through the machine desktop.

(3). Turn on the power switch, the temperature will be reached in about 30 seconds, and the packing work can begin. If there is no packing for about one minute, the machine will automatically stop.


If you are looking for an efficient, accurate and reliable strapping machine, we highly recommend you consider purchasing our semi-automatic strapping machine. Please contact our sales team today for more details and to order this exceptional machine.

We look forward to providing you with the best solutions to help you improve your packaging efficiency and achieve greater success. Buy our semi-automatic strapping machine to bring more convenience and profit to your business.



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