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Fully Automatic Honey Filling Packaging Line For Sale -

The honey filling line includes conveyor belts, filling machines, capping machines, labeling systems, and packaging units.It can greatly improve the efficiency of honey packaging and the hygiene and safety of honey. Honey is a natural sweetener that is widely used in food processing and beverage manufacturing. Therefore, an efficient honey filling line is crucial for the food and beverage industry. In addition, the honey filling production line is also used for filling syrup, jam, condensed milk and other pastes.

Honey Filling Line Benifits


It can automatic filling honey, pure honey, jam, fructose syrup, maltose syrup, baking syrup, flavored syrup, pear paste, donkey hide gelatin paste, loquat paste and other products.

High-precision filling

The use of high-precision piston metering device ensures accurate and reliable quantification of each filling, avoids waste, and ensures consistent product quality.

Diversity Packaging

It is not only suitable for plastic bottles or glass bottles such as round bottles and square bottles, but also special-shaped bottles to meet the diversity of packaging.

Honey Packaging Line Process Flow

Bottle unscrambler, filling, capping, labeling, film packaging (or unpacking, packing and sealing), palletizing

Bottle unscrambler

The bottle unscrambler is mainly used to arrange scattered bottles in order, including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. The stainless steel body is not easy to rust, is durable, and is easy for daily care. It can be cleaned with just one wipe.

The fully automatic honey filling machine is made of high-quality stainless steel materials and complies with honey hygiene standards, ensuring the quality and safety of honey. At the same time, the fully automatic honey filling machine also has a flexible filling capacity adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to production needs to ensure filling accuracy and stability.

honey filling machine
capping machine

The honey capping machine is a device specially designed for sealing honey bottles. It can automatically tighten the cap to ensure the sealing and freshness of honey. Typically made of stainless steel, this type of machine is durable and hygienic, making it suitable for use in the food processing industry.

The honey labeling machine can be adjusted to different specifications of honey bottles and is suitable for bottles of various shapes and sizes. At the same time, the labeling machine is equipped with advanced sensors and control systems, which can monitor the label position and fit in real time to ensure that each product can be correctly labeled.


Honey Packaging Line Parameter

Number of filling heads24681012
Production capacity400-500750-90001000-13001350- 150001600- 180021850-2300
Filling capacity100- 1000ml
Filling accuracy≤0.2%0
Power supply50HZ/60HZ 3N-380V 土10%
Power consumption0.75KW-7. 5KW+
Equipped with air source pressure0.5-0. 8MPap
Work pressure0. 6-0. 7MPap
Note: Productivity is based on 4-liter bottles and the inlet pressure is 0.45-0.7 MPa

Honey Filling Machinery Features

1) The filling interface is connected with a clamp, which is easy to clean and disassemble;

2) The filling nozzle has an anti-drip function and can be changed to a lifting type suitable for high-foaming products;

3) All parts that come into contact with materials are made of 316L stainless steel and comply with GMP requirements;

4) In order to prevent the piston from expanding, all pistons are made of PTFE, which is especially suitable for products with high temperature;

5) Realize the overall rapid adjustment of the filling volume, using counter display; the filling volume of each head can be individually fine-tuned, which is convenient and fast;

6) Using PLC programming control and touch-type human-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance;