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Automatic Pills Tablets Counting Vial Filling Line -
pills filling machine

The automatic pill counting bottle production line is an efficient and accurate pharmaceutical packaging equipment. It can automatically complete pill counting and bottling, greatly improving production efficiency and packaging quality. It can count and pack solid particles such as tablets, capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules), pills and other solid particles with a width within the range of 3-25 mm for bottling, bagging and cartoning. Comply with GMP requirements.

Vial Filling Line Advantages

Count accurately

Photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is less than the national standard

Resistant to high dust

Original anti-high dust photoelectric sensing technology can work stably even in high dust conditions

High degree intelligence

It has multiple detection and alarm control functions such as counting if there are no bottles, fault self-checking, etc.

Pills Counting Line Working Flow Chart

Unpack the bottle→Count the grains→Put in desiccant→Aluminum foil sealing→Screw cap→Labeling

Automatic bottle unscrambler, the entire bottle unscrambler process adopts mechanical action, no need for special supervision, saving time and effort. It can be used with the filling production line or alone. It is suitable for metal caps and plastic caps. It is suitable for a variety of bottle types. It supports customization, is simple to operate, and has high production efficiency.

Frequency conversion screen counting machine: low noise, stable tablet falling, accurate counting, speed can be adjusted through frequency conversion, and is equipped with a light control device that stops the tablet falling without a bottle.

Aluminum foil sealing machine: Equipped with an automatic rejection device for non-aluminum foil, the speed is adjustable within a certain range; the height of the induction head is adjustable, which can adapt to the sealing and packaging of containers of various heights.

Self-adhesive labeling machine: It has the function of automatically stopping labeling when there is no bottle and automatically printing batch numbers. Fully automatic single-sided self-adhesive labeling machine, the labeling process of this machine is automated, simple to operate, fast in production, and the labeling position is uniform, beautiful and neat.


Tablets Counting Filling Line Features

During the bottling process, the line automatically places counted pills into vials, sealing and labeling them as needed. This automated bottling process not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the hygiene and safety of medicines.

Through precision sensors and counting devices, the number of pills in each pill bottle can be accurately controlled within the required range. This automatic counting method not only improves counting accuracy, but also reduces errors and fatigue caused by manual counting.

Automatic pill counting and bottling production lines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. It can adapt to different specifications and sizes of pill bottles, and can accommodate different types and shapes of pills. This flexibility allows the production line to meet the needs of different pharmaceutical packaging.

In short, the automatic pill counting bottle production line is an efficient and accurate pharmaceutical packaging equipment. It can improve production efficiency, ensure packaging quality, and adapt to the needs of different pharmaceutical packaging. With the continuous development of science and technology, this kind of automation equipment will play an even more important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

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