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Fully Automatic Heat Shrink Packing Machine -

Fully Automatic Heat Shrink Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Heat Shrink Packing Machine

The automatic heat shrink packing machine can automatically complete the bagging/sealing/cutting/shrinking process at one time, […]



The automatic heat shrink packing machine can automatically complete the bagging/sealing/cutting/shrinking process at one time, the sealing and cutting length is not limited, and the operation is automated. It can also be connected to the feeding production line for unmanned operation. It improves production efficiency, greatly saves labor costs, is easy to operate and efficient, and brings considerable benefits.

heat shrink packing machine

The fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine’s working principle is to tightly wrap the packaging film around the outside of the product through heat shrink technology to form an overall package. This packaging method can not only provide product protection but also improve the appearance quality of the product and increase the added value of the product. At the same time, heat shrink packaging is also waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof, and can effectively protect products from damage during transportation and storage.

Heat Shrink Packing Machine Advantages

Can be widely used in various industries
Widely used in product packaging in food, beverage, printing, pharmaceuticals, flooring, hardware and other industries;

The packaging effect is very good, and the product can be packaged tightly and beautifully

It is suitable for products of various shapes and sizes, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. Whether it is the packaging of a single product or the collective packaging of multiple products, the fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine can meet the needs.

packaged products

Adjust height and width according to the product
The height and width of the cutting and sealing machine can be adjusted according to the actual size of the packaged product (maximum sealing size 550*450mm). The packaging range is wide, making it convenient for users to use;

Advanced cutter seals firmly
The sealing and cutting knife part is made of Teflon coating, which is anti-stick and high-temperature resistant. The seal will not crack, not coke, smoke, and cause zero pollution. The sealing frame is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the frame is not easily deformed;

Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine Parameter

Model Voltage Power Packing speed Machine Size(mm) Weight Tunnel size(mm) Max. sealing size Temp. Range Max.Load
BS-D4520 220V/50-60HZ 8.5KW 0-15m/min 1600L*730W*1400H 210KG 800L*450W*200H / 0-300℃ 10KG
QL5545 220V/50-60HZ 1.3KW 1200-1600pcs/h 1700L*900W*1400H 260KG / 500*450mm / /

Fully Automatic Edge Sealing Machine Details

Work surface
The location where the packaging is placed can be manually debugged here and then automatically packaged.

Edge Sealing Machine Details

Thin film device components
Automatically tie the film for breathability, take out the film, use transparent folding film, see the instructions for film installation details;

Blow in the air to blow open the corners of the film to avoid corner wrinkles, so that the packaging is beautiful and in place;

Waste film recycling wheel
The cut waste film is automatically wound on the waste film wheel;

Heat Shrink Machine Details

Operation panel
The operation switch is simple and easy to understand, with step-less speed regulation; there is a leakage protection switch, so you can use electricity with confidence;

Fan motor
The wind force is strong, which effectively absorbs heat and circulates it, making the shrinkage effect uniform and beautiful;

heat shrink machine details

Jet heat shrink.
The stainless steel heating tube generates heat evenly and has a long service life. It cooperates with a large fan to form a heat cycle, making the items shrink evenly, with good effect and high efficiency;

The fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine is an efficient, convenient and reliable packaging equipment. It can improve the packaging quality and efficiency of products, and save labor and time costs for enterprises. With the continuous advancement of technology, fully automatic heat shrink packaging machines will be more widely used and promoted in various industries.


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