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Industrial RO Water Filtration Purification Treatment System -

Industrial RO Water Filtration Purification Treatment System

Industrial RO Water Filtration Purification Treatment System

The industrial water filtration and purification treatment system, also known as the reverse osmosis pure […]



The industrial water filtration and purification treatment system, also known as the reverse osmosis pure water preparation system, uses tap water as raw water, first undergoes pre-treatment (the softener is optional), and then undergoes RO reverse osmosis treatment. After a series of treatments, harmful substances such as particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, and more than 99.5% of dissolved salts in the water can be removed. The system’s desalination rate is as high as 98-99.5%, making the effluent conductivity reach ≤1μs/cm.

industrial water treatment system

Industrial water filtration and purification treatment systems usually include pretreatment, filtration, membrane separation, chemical treatment, and other links.

Industrial RO Water Filtration System Application

Five levels of filtration;
Descaling water alkali;
Remove color and taste;
Depollution/heavy metals;
Remove sediment and impurities;
Remove microorganisms/bacteria;

Commercial Water Treatment System Parameter

Capacity (L/H) 1000L/H
Power Consumption (kW) 5.25KW
Inflow water TDS 600
Voltage/Frequency 380v/50HZ
Frame Material SS201
Package size 3m*0.8m*1.85m
Weight (kg) 800KG

Industrial Water Treatment Process Flow Diagram

industrial water treatment process flow diagram

First of all, the pretreatment stage mainly removes large particle impurities and suspended solids in the water through precipitation, stirring, pH adjustment, etc., to provide good conditions for subsequent filtration and membrane separation.

Secondly, the filtration process uses physical or chemical methods to remove particulate matter, colloids, and organic substances in the water to improve the transparency and purification effect of the water. Membrane separation uses reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and other technologies to separate ions, microorganisms, and organic substances in water to achieve complete water purification.

Finally, chemical treatment involves adding chemicals such as disinfectants and flocculants to further kill bacteria and viruses in the water and improve the health and safety of the water.

The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Principle

The reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semipermeable membrane with certain characteristics made by simulating a biological semipermeable membrane. It is the core component of reverse osmosis technology. High-precision filtration, with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, effectively intercepts bacteria, viruses, small-molecule organic matter, heavy metals, and other harmful substances while allowing water molecules to pass through.

RO membrane reverse osmosis filtration
This system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process, and easy operation.

Reverse Osmosis Features

◆High mechanical strength and service life;
◆Efficient desalination rate at a high flow rate;
◆Can function under lower operating pressure;
◆Less affected by pH value, temperature, and other factors;
◆Can withstand the influence of chemical or biological effects;
◆Molding raw materials are easy to source, easy to process, and low in cost;

Industrial Water Purification System Details

Electronic control display instrument
Rich display instruments can detect the operating status of the equipment at any time;

Electrical control circuit table
The circuit table is subdivided, the labels are clear and writable, and the operation is simple;

All stainless steel bracket
Stainless steel bracket, stable and durable, safe to use, and not easy to rust;

Fully automatic run-in control valve
Microcomputer intelligent control, working status can be controlled at any time, simple operation and simple maintenance;

Food grade pipe
All water-related parts are made of food-grade PP-thickened pipes, which will not break and can be used with confidence;

New Territories booster water pump
The main function is to provide water pressure to the equipment so that the pure water produced can be transported to various water intake points on time and in quantity;

Here is the industrial water filtration system details YouTube video for your reference!!

In general, industrial water filtration and purification treatment systems are of great significance in modern industrial production. They can not only protect the environment and save resources, but also improve production efficiency and product quality. With the continuous advancement and innovation of science and technology, industrial water treatment technology is also constantly improving and developing, making positive contributions to the realization of clean production and sustainable development. If you are also interested in this commercial water treatment system , welcome to contact us freely!!


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