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30L Lipstick Filling Machine Blender With Heater And Mixer -

30L Lipstick Filling Machine Blender With Heater And Mixer

30L Lipstick Filling Machine Blender With Heater And Mixer

The lipstick filling machine blender is small scale with a 30 L capacity, but this […]



The lipstick filling machine blender is small scale with a 30 L capacity, but this lipstick filling machine is multi-function. Except for the basic lipstick-filling function, it also has heating and mixing functions. The lipstick-filling machine is a heating and stirring equipment suitable for materials with high viscosity that need to be heated and stirred, such as lipstick, crayons, foundation cream, paraffin, petroleum jelly, jam, and pigments. It is suitable for small batch production of lipsticks, laboratory trial production of cosmetics, and food and pharmaceutical industries.

lipstick filling machine

Lipstick Filling Machine Blender Working Principle

The lipstick-filling machine blender is a 30-liter sandwich tank with heating and stirring functions. The water bath is heated by an electric heating tube in the mezzanine. The water temperature can be set and controlled. When water is used as the heating medium, it can be heated to below 100°C.

If temperatures above 100°C are required, thermal oil can be used as the heating medium. The maximum heating temperature of this lip gloss filling machine is 300℃.

The discharge port is also equipped with a heating block to prevent the material from solidifying. When the material to be processed is solid, it needs to be heated until the material dissolves before stirring, otherwise, the motor may be burned.

To ensure personal safety, the enclosure must be grounded. The whole lipstick filling machine is small in size and easy to operate.

Here is the lipstick-filling machine blender working process in our factory for your reference!!

Lipstick Filling Machine Advantages

①15-30L thickened barrel, easy to clean and durable;

② Brand new operating system, the system is more stable and easy to operate;

③ Use a high-power brand mixing motor to ensure continuous operation for a long time;

④ Made of all stainless steel, suitable for harsh working environments and in compliance with food and drug hygiene standards;

lip gloss filling machine

Liquid Lipstick Filling Machine Parameter

Model: REX-C700
Number of Filling Heads One
Working Method: Semi-Automatic
Working Speed: 20-60 times/min
Filling Range: Unlimited
Filling Nozzle Diameter: 6mm
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Hopper Volume: 15L/30L
Power 1.5KW
Material Stainless Steel
Packing Size: 55*44*73cm/68*56*86cm
Gross Weight 21kg/38kg

Here is the lipstick-filling machine working process in our Australia customer’s factory for your reference!!

Lip Gloss Filling Machine Details

1. Mixing with double paddles
Speed up the mixing speed, the working volume is 15L/30L;

2. High power motor
High-quality, high-power motor with stable performance, suitable for long-term work;

3. Discharge nozzle
Manual valve unloading, with heating function, and continuous heating, makes the lipstick less likely to solidify;

4. Mezzanine water inlet
It can also be added by heating with heat transfer oil, which can also be used to discharge steam without clogging;

5. Heating thermostat system
Double heating tubes are heated in the interlayer of the storage tank and do not come into contact with the material;

lipsticks filling machine applications

As a key piece of equipment in lipstick production, the lipstick-filling machine blender is of great significance. It can improve the efficiency and quality of lipstick production through automated working methods and contribute to the development of the lipstick industry. I hope that the introduction of this article can help more lipstick manufacturers and practitioners understand the advantages and applications of lipstick-filling machine mixers, and if you have any needs or professional questions about lipstick-filling machines, feel free to leave a message with us online freely!!


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