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Small Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine For Pouch Ketchup -

Small Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine For Pouch Ketchup

Small Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine For Pouch Ketchup

The small tomato paste sachet packing machine used to pack 5-500ml bags of tomato paste […]



The small tomato paste sachet packing machine used to pack 5-500ml bags of tomato paste / tomato sauce / ketchup. Small tomato sauce packaging machine machines are usually used to produce small bags of tomato sauce and are suitable for the food processing industry. It can automatically complete functions such as bagging, sealing and date printing, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

tomato paste sachet packing machine

Tomato Sauce Filling Packing Machine Parameter

Model JYD-L320-Y Machine packaging film width Max320mm
Bag length 50-200mm Bag making width 30-150mm
Coil outer diameter Max300mm Packaging film thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specifications 220V50HZ.2KW Packing host weight 350kg
Packaging bag type Back seal, gusset bag, three and four side seals Packaging Materials
Material type Liquid and sauce products After-sales service
Voltage 220V Packaging film width 320
Power 2KW Packaging speed 15-65nags/min
Finished bag size 50-200*30-150MM Host weight 350kg
Host size 1000(L)*1140(W)*1700(H)mm
Applications Ketchup, chili sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, meat sauce, jam, dressing, etc.
Packaging Materials OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, MST/PE /PET/PE are suitable for packaging various granular materials

Here is the tomat paste sachet packing machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!!

Tomato Sauce Filling Machine Features

1. Automatically print product batch numbers, and can add easy-tear openings for easy use;

2. Automatically shut down when lack of paper to ensure that paperless operation does not occur;

3. Strong versatility: By replacing different filling heads, one machine can be used for multiple purposes;

4. Easy operation and maintenance: the intermittent type has a simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain;

5. The whole set adopts high-quality components, with stable quality, low noise, low failure rate and long service life.

6. The bag length can be set arbitrarily within the rated range. It is driven by a stepper motor and the bag pulling is stable and reliable.
The speed can be selected;

7. The temperature control uses high-precision PID adjustment, which has excellent heat sealing stability and ensures
Improve the sealing quality of different materials;

8. When the packaging film has color-coded positioning marks, the bag making process can realize automatic photoelectric detection.
Positioning, sealing and cutting ensure the integrity of the bag making pattern;

9. Stepless speed regulation: The packaging speed can be adjusted steplessly within a certain range to achieve the same goal as bag making,
The filling, sealing and cutting links are optimally matched to make the packaging process stable and reliable;

Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine Details

The longitudinal sealing device of the packaging machine has a smooth surface treatment and does not scratch your hands;

The horizontal sealing roller is equipped with a stainless steel panel to prevent burns caused by contact with the horizontal sealing roller. The equipment adopts a back sealing method;

Equipped with a storage hopper to store liquid sauce materials, it has a stirring function. The motor drives the stirring, so that the sauce materials with granules can be stirred, so that the granules and sauce can be mixed evenly before packaging;

Made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali; pipe connections are snap-on, quick connectors, easy to clean and disassemble; pneumatic control, plug and play, convenient and quick, simple to operate;

Using a human-machine interface touch screen, the touch screen is sensitive and can adjust relevant values ​​at will, which is convenient and fast; horizontal sealing and vertical sealing use independent temperature control meters, which can independently control the relevant temperature;


The small tomato paste sachet packing machine is a very practical and effective equipment that can help small and medium-sized tomato paste manufacturers better package tomato paste and improve production efficiency and product quality. Tomato paste packaged in small bags can help tomato paste manufacturers effectively extend the shelf life of tomato sauce and facilitate the storage and transportation of tomato sauce. Moreover, the market demand for this type of packaged tomato sauce is large and the consumer group is huge. Small tomato paste sachet packing machine can Help ketchup manufacturers quickly obtain commercial profits from ketchup processing. It is your best choice to invest in ketchup and other kinds of sauce packaging!!


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