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6000Cartons/h Automatic Tetra Pack Juice Packing Filling Machine -

6000Cartons/h Automatic Tetra Pack Juice Packing Filling Machine

6000Cartons/h Automatic Tetra Pack Juice Packing Filling Machine

The automatic Tetra Pack packaging machine can automatically complete the entire packaging process of smoothly […]



The automatic Tetra Pack packaging machine can automatically complete the entire packaging process of smoothly feeding paper rolls, printing date and batch numbers, pre-pasting sealing strips, chemical sterilization and physical sterilization, pre-forming tubes, filling, horizontal sealing, shaping, cutting, and sticky corner delivery. There are more than 10 packaging specifications ranging from 65ml to 2000ml, which can be selected by users. It is an efficient packaging equipment that can package a large amount of juice products in a short time.

tetra pack packing machine

This tetra pack packing machine is mainly used for processing non-vaporous liquids, fluids, and semi-fluid foods: such as beverages, liquid milk (fresh milk, yogurt, milk drinks, soy milk), fruit and vegetable juices, tea, alcohol, coffee, cream, cheese Wait for aseptic filling.

Tetra Pak Machines For Sale Function

1. Packaging speed: 2500-3000 packages/h. Double-channel filling model 5000-6000 packages/h.

2. Applicable packaging materials: polyethylene/paper (cardboard) polyethylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene/polyethylene six-layer paper-based composite material.

3. This tetra pak machine is divided into brick-shaped, pillow-shaped, triangular, axe-shaped, diamond-shaped, and square bar-shaped models with single shapes and single specifications and models with multiple shapes and specifications.

4. Specially equipped with non-stop roll-changing device. This allows the machine to easily change rolls and splice paper ends without stopping the machine. Scope of application: pure milk, milk drinks, soy milk, cheese, cream, juice, tea, alcohol, and other non-aerated liquid, fluid and semi-fluid foods.

5. Integrate modern optical, mechanical, and electrical integration new technologies into integrated design and precision manufacturing. It adopts closed-loop tension control, photoelectric detection, PLC control, touch-type human-machine interface operation monitoring, and clever application of radiant heat and high-frequency induction power supply to make the strips and longitudinal and transverse sealing stronger and more reliable. The main drive is mechanical, and the auxiliary drive is mechanical. The transmission is pneumatic, and it is used scientifically and rationally to make the machine run more freely and stably.

Tetra Pak Machine Parameter

1. Power supply: 380V
2. Production efficiency: 6000 boxes/hour
3. Complete machine weight: about 2500KG
4. Overall dimensions: length 4800*width 1300*height 2800

Tetra Pak Filling Machines Features

1. Forming: forming the bottom and top ears;

2. Carton stacking department: The carton stacking capacity is 1,000 sheets;

3. Folding heating: Use hot air to weld the top and bottom folding ears of the box;

4. Top high-frequency sealing: choose high-frequency welding sealing to ensure the strength of the sealing;

5. Bottom pre-folding: Use fixed guides to pre-fold the box to improve the formability of the carton;

6. Pre-folding of cartons: Use fixed guides to pre-fold the boxes to improve the formability of the cartons;

7. Bottom high-frequency sealing: Choose high-frequency welding sealing to prevent milk and juice from spilling and ensure the strength of the seal;

8. Sterile warehouse: through high-temperature sterilization at 400~5000C, hot high-temperature air pressure of 75~1000C inside the sterile warehouse;

9. Hydrogen peroxide spray: Use hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 30-50% to spray the surface of the box to uniformly sterilize the box;

10. Filling Department: The German E+H flow meter and one-way valve are used to control the filling method to ensure accuracy, and CIP automatic cleaning is possible;

11. High-temperature drying and sterilization: dry the hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the box through high-temperature air at 120~1800C to ensure that the box is sterile and the oxygenated water remains;


In general, the 6,000 boxes/hour automatic Tetra Pack packaging machine is an advanced packaging equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, multi-function, intelligence, and environmental protection. It can help juice processing companies improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, and achieve sustainable development. If you are also interested in this automatic Tetra Pak packaging machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more details!!


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