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Horizontal Popsicle Ice Lolly Packing Machine For Sale -

Horizontal Popsicle Ice Lolly Packing Machine For Sale

Horizontal Popsicle Ice Lolly Packing Machine For Sale

The ice pops lolly popsicle packaging machine is suitable for packaging the popsicles filled with […]



The ice pops lolly popsicle packaging machine is suitable for packaging the popsicles filled with juice into plastic bags for the second time and packaging them into pillow shapes. The popsicles packaged by the pillow packaging machine can be sold in batches, and the eating hygiene and safety standards of the popsicles are further improved. The appearance is more beautiful, which can achieve a certain publicity effect and increase the market value of the popsicles!!

ice pops packing machine

Ice Lolly Packing Machine Advantages

Long service life, durable and not easily damaged;

Improve efficiency
Save labor costs, improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

Widely applicable
It has a wide range of applications and meets the needs of multiple scenarios;

Pillow Packing Machine Parameter

Model/TYPE JYD-250  JYD-350  JYD-450  JYD-600
Roll film diameter (mm) 250mm 350mm 450mm 600mm
Bag making length (mm) B:65-190/120-280
130-450 120-500
Bag making width (mm) 30-110mm 50-160mm 50-180mm 100-280mm
Product height (mm) B: MAX.40
D: MAX.55
B: MAX.40
D: MAX.60
MAX.75 MAX.110
Packing speed lon/mir) 40-230 40-180 30-150 20-150
Power(220 50/6010) 2.4KW 2.6KW 2.8KW 2.8KW
Overall dimensions (mm) 3770*670*1450 4020*770*1450 4020*820*1450 4020*920*1450
Machine weight (KG) 500KG 580KG 650KG 680KG
Other Aeration devices (nitrogen, oxygen, air, etc.) can be added
Packaging Materials Able to heat seal packaging film materials on one side (such as 0PP, CPP OPP composite PE, PET composite PE, and other single-layer or composite packaging film materials)
Bag shape Back seal packaging (can be customized)
Vertical/horizontal sealing texture Netted packaging/straight grain, netted packaging


Pillow Packaging Machine Details

End seal cutting area
The cutter holder is made of high-hardness alloy material, which has fast heat transfer and long service life;

Linked film reel
Multi-linked reels are used to coordinate the film pulling process, adapting to more reel materials, and rolling the film more smoothly;

color mark sensor
It uses a high-sensitivity cursor electric eye to accurately track the color blocks of the film roll, effectively preventing deviation during the film roll process;

Multifunctional Chinese-English bilingual touch screen
The human-machine interface controls the entire machine parameter adjustment and machine operation through an intelligent system, making adjustments easy;

Horizontal Pillow Packing Machine Details

Ice Pops Packing Machine Features

●Equipped with a positioning stop function, which can effectively prevent the film from being ironed during shutdown;

●Wide range of packaging, products with multiple specifications can be completed by one equipment, saving expenses for enterprises;

●The forward and reverse tracking adopted improves tracking accuracy, ensures cutting accuracy, and avoids waste of packaging materials;

●The induction anti-cutting function completely eliminates the cutting phenomenon caused by material misalignment, and the packaging yield is high;

●Product parameter memory function, one-click adjustment on the touch screen when changing different packaging products. Convenient and fast, the operation is simple and easy for employees to understand;

●Fully automatic induction of incoming materials to start the machine and stop when there is no material. There is no empty package phenomenon, the material position is offset and misaligned, and the end seal does not cut the material;

Optional equipment

1. Inflating device (nitrogen, air, oxygen, etc.)
2. Connecting device (multiple bags connected)
3. Flower knife/flat knife (end sealing method)
4. Coding machine (ink wheel, thermal transfer printing, laser coding production date, formula, batch number, etc.)
5. Hole punching device (round hole, pinhole, hook hole, etc.)
6. Spray device (spray alcohol, fresh gas, etc.

pillow packing machine Optional equipment effects

In general, the pillow popsicle packaging machine is a powerful, efficient and multi-functional equipment that can meet the needs of different customers and improve popsicle production efficiency and product quality. In the future development, pillow popsicle packaging machines will continue to play an important role in promoting the progress and development of the popsicle production industry. If you are also interested in popsicle packaging machines, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get more detailed information and free quotations for popsicle packaging machines!!


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