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L Type Heat Shrink Packing Machine Delivery To Canada -

L Type Heat Shrink Packing Machine Delivery To Canada

heat shrink packing machine

Our customers are from Canada and run a local farm business. They inquired about our heat shrink packaging machine mainly to package a kind of seeds on their farm.

The customer first puts the seeds into a small bottle but considers that improper storage may cause the seeds to mold or germinate, which is not conducive to later sales. So the customer wanted to heat shrink-wrap the cartons containing the seeds.

Why The Canadian Customer Choose To Cooperate With Us

First of all, the heat shrink packaging machine can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the product and is suitable for different types of product packaging. The customer’s bottle is small, so we equipped the customer with a machine with a tight seal that can package the customer’s bottle;

Secondly, heat shrink packaging can effectively protect products from moisture, contamination, and damage, and extend the shelf life of products. Especially for the seed business of Canadian customers, it has a very good moisture-proof effect.

In addition, the heat shrink packaging machine has a high degree of automation, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs for Canadian customers.

Here is the automatic heat shrink packing machine YouTube video testing for our Canada customer for your reference!!

The customer’s farm is a family business with a certain reputation in the local area. Later, the customer mentioned that he needed to purchase a flat labeling machine from us. The bottles are labeled first and then heat shrink packaged, because the heat shrink film has good transparency and gloss, which can enhance the appearance and attractiveness of the product and is more conducive to customer promotion.

Based on our many years of export experience, regarding transportation, we recommend that customers transport small labeling machines by express delivery and sealing and cutting heat shrink machines by sea. This can also help customers save a certain amount of transportation costs.

The customer was very satisfied with our professionalism and service and expressed that he would cooperate with us again if necessary in the future. We also wish that the customer’s two pieces of equipment would be put into operation as soon as possible to help the customer’s seed business obtain continuous income!!