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Fiber Opening Machine Price -

Fiber Opening Machine Price

fiber opening and cotton filling machine details

The fiber opening machine price ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The cotton opener specific price depends on the fiber processing volume per hour and the configuration of related equipment.

First of all, the fiber opening machine can evenly open and fluff 100kg-500kg of two-dimensional and three-dimensional screw cotton, PP cotton, doll cotton, ordinary hollow cotton, old wool, wool sweaters, and old quilts per hour, as long as they are opened at one time. The processing capacity of the fiber opener per hour is the main factor affecting the fiber opener.

fiber opening and cotton filling machine
fiber opening and cotton filling machine

Secondly, the fiber opening machine price is also affected by automation. If the customer’s processing capacity demand is relatively large, the demand for full automation will naturally be considered. A single fiber opener cannot meet the needs of customers, and a fiber hoist or even a fiber filling machine is also required. With these supporting equipment, the price of the fiber opener will increase a lot.

Here is the fiber opening and filling machine youtube video working process for your reference!!

In short, the fiber opener price mainly depends on the customer’s specific processing volume requirements and the corresponding supporting equipment. If you are engaged in toy factories, sofa factories, bedding factories, home textile and garment factories, and are also interested in fiber openers, please feel free to leave us a message online to get more detailed information and free quotes on fiber openers!!