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2 Sets Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine Cases In the USA -

2 Sets Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine Cases In the USA

semi automatic liquid filling machine packaged

Our customer from the United States is engaged in the production and manufacturing of weight-loss products. Our filling machine is mainly used for filling polycarnitine liquid.

Customers have strict requirements for output and do not have many requirements for the automation of filling machines. According to the customer’s demand for filling volume, our business manager initially recommended a fully automatic four-head pneumatic piston filling machine to the customer. Since the customer’s machine is going to be used in the United States, and the customer is anxious to use it, the customer has not had much experience before. Much important experience. After quoting the price to the customer, the customer said he wanted to transport the equipment by air freight.

But in fact, the machine size of this fully automatic four-head pneumatic piston filling machine is 2000mm × 1500mm × 2200mm, and the packaging will be larger. It is not feasible to transport this kind of equipment by air. Later, because American customers did not have high requirements for the automation of filling machines, we recommended a semi-automatic double-head filling machine to the customers.

The double-head semi-automatic filling machine filling capacity:100-1000ml, filling speed:15-35 cans/min. Two semi-automatic filling machines were recommended to the customer. The filling speed can fully meet the customer’s needs. This semi-automatic paste-filling machine has a compact structure. Compact and flexible, it occupies a small area and the machine size is only 900 mm x 600 mm x 750 mm. There is no problem for a filling machine of this size to be transported by air, which can not only meet the customer’s requirement to save transportation time but also meet the customer’s demand for filling volume.

Due to the professionalism of our business managers on the products and the thoughtful service to American customers, the American customers were very satisfied with this cooperation with our company and said they would cooperate with us again. Recently, the account manager reported that they are communicating with customers about capping machines and labeling machines again. We would like to thank our American customers for their trust in us and for choosing to cooperate with us again. Customers’ trust and support are the inexhaustible driving force for our progress!!