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Pillow Compressing Vacuum Packing Machine Case In Bolivia -

Pillow Compressing Vacuum Packing Machine Case In Bolivia

pillow compressing machine packings

The Bolivian customer learned that we provide this equipment through the Alibaba platform. The customer is engaged in the local business of selling pillows, bedding, and other home textile products. Due to the expansion of business scale, the original warehouse cannot satisfy customers’ storage of goods, so they want to relieve the pressure on inventory by purchasing our pillow compressors.

Through communication with the customer, we learned that the customer has no previous experience in importing from abroad, so the customer is more cautious. Before deciding to cooperate with us, we contacted a customer who had cooperated with us before and received positive feedback from him, which in turn increased the customer’s purchasing information.

We gave customers a trial video in the factory to give them a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of our company’s strengths. The customer was very satisfied with our company’s strength and the professionalism of our business staff and finally chose to cooperate with our company!!

pillow vacuum packing machine details

After the factory completed the production of the compressed vacuum packaging machine for the Bolivian customer, we immediately sent the customer a test video of the machine before leaving the factory. The following is a YouTube test video for reference!

The machine is packed in standard wooden boxes and shipped to the customer’s country as scheduled following the contract.

According to the customer’s requirements, our factory filmed the installation video of this pillow vacuum packaging machine so that the Bolivian customer can install it easily after receiving the machine.

Now this machine is running very smoothly at the customer’s place. Some time ago, we gave good feedback to our business manager.

The customer said that he hopes to help more bosses who need this kind of equipment finally obtain satisfactory equipment in the future!!