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Liquid Filling Machine Working Principle -

Liquid Filling Machine Working Principle

liquid filling machine

Liquid filling machine is a piece of equipment widely used in various industrial fields for automatically or semi-automatically filling various liquid products. Its working principle is based on a precise series of steps and mechanical components, ensuring that the filling task is completed efficiently and accurately.

First, the liquid filling machine introduces the liquid product into the filling tank of the filling machine through a feeding system. The feeding system can adopt various methods, such as gravity feeding, pump feeding or pressure feeding, and the appropriate method is selected according to the properties and requirements of the liquid product.

Here is the small scale liquid filling machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Next, the liquid filling machine uses a weighing system or metering system to accurately measure the volume of the liquid product. Weighing systems typically use load cells to measure the weight of a liquid, while dosing systems use specific containers or devices to ensure a consistent volume from fill to fill.

Here is the automatic liquid filling machine filling the disinfectant YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

The liquid filling machine then uses a filling head or nozzle to inject the liquid product into the target container. The filling head can be adjusted as needed to accommodate different types and sizes of containers. During the filling process, the liquid filling machine can use different filling methods, such as gravity filling, pressure filling or vacuum filling, to ensure that the liquid product can be completely filled into the container.

Finally, the liquid filling machine seals the container through a sealing system, ensuring that the liquid product does not leak or become contaminated. The sealing system can use various methods, such as screw capping, pressure capping or heat sealing, and the appropriate method can be selected according to the nature of the liquid product and the requirements of the container.

In summary, the working principle of the liquid filling machine is to complete the filling task of liquid products through the steps of feeding, measuring, filling and sealing. Its efficiency and accuracy make it an indispensable device in various industrial fields.