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How To Use Pill Press Machine -

How To Use Pill Press Machine

pill press machine

A tablet press machine is a piece of equipment used to make tablets, which can compress powder or drug granules into tablets of a fixed shape and size. Here are the steps on how to use a tablet press correctly:

The first step is preparation. First, make sure the work area is clean and has adequate lighting. Then, check that all parts of the tablet press are intact and clean and disinfect as necessary.

The second step is to prepare the medicinal materials. Prepare an appropriate amount of pharmaceutical powder or granules according to the required pharmaceutical formula. Ensure the quality and purity of medicinal materials meet the requirements and accurately weigh them according to the pharmaceutical formula.

Here is the pill press machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

The third step is to adjust the tablet press. Adjust the tablet press mold and pressure according to the desired tablet shape and size. Make sure the mold is clean and properly installed on the machine. According to the drug formula, the appropriate pressure is adjusted to ensure the quality and consistency of the tablets.

The fourth step is to start tableting. Place the prepared medicinal materials into the medicine bin of the tablet press and ensure that the medicine bin is well sealed. Then, start the tablet press and follow the machine’s operating instructions. Pay attention to the shape and size of the tablets to ensure that the desired tablets are pressed.

Step five, cleaning and maintenance. After using the tablet press, clean and maintain the equipment promptly to maintain its normal operation and extend its service life. Remove any remaining herbs and debris and clean with an appropriate detergent.

To sum up, using a tablet press machine correctly requires careful preparation and patience. Follow operating instructions and drug formulas to ensure quality and accurate weighing of medicinal materials. By adjusting the mold and pressure of the machine, tablets that meet the requirements are pressed. Finally, clean and maintain the equipment promptly to ensure its normal operation.