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How To Use Capsule Filling Machine -

How To Use Capsule Filling Machine

automatic casplue filling machine

A capsule filling machine is a commonly used piece of equipment used to fill medications or other substances into capsules. Using a capsule filling machine increases production efficiency and accuracy, ensuring each capsule contains the correct dose of medication. Here are the brief steps for using a capsule filling machine.

First, make sure the capsule filling machine has been installed and adjusted correctly. Check that all parts of the machine are intact and set up correctly according to the instructions. Make sure the work surface of the capsule filling machine is clean and tidy to avoid contamination.

Next, prepare the medication or substance to be filled. Ensure that the quality and purity of pharmaceutical powders or granules meet requirements. If necessary, the drug can be screened or ground first to ensure its particle size and uniformity.

Before starting filling, preheat the capsule filling machine for a period of time to ensure that the machine reaches the appropriate operating temperature. This helps avoid clumping or clogging during filling.

Here is the automatic casplur filling machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Place the empty capsules into the feed chute of the capsule filling machine. Make sure the capsule is placed correctly to ensure filling accuracy. Add the medication or substance to the filling tank according to the machine’s instructions. The filling groove should be filled, but not overfilled to avoid affecting the sealing performance of the capsule.

Once filling is complete, remove the filled capsules from the discharge chute. Check whether the sealing and filling quantity of the capsule meet the requirements. If there are any problems, you can adjust the filling machine settings and refill.

Finally, clean and maintain the capsule filling machine. Remove any remaining medication or substances and ensure that all parts of the machine are kept clean. Carry out regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure the normal operation of the capsule filling machine.

Using a capsule filling machine requires certain skills and experience, but following the correct steps and operating guidelines can ensure filling accuracy and efficiency. Through the rational use of capsule filling machines, the quality and efficiency of drug production can be improved.