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2 Sets Chemical Liquid Filling Machine Delivery To Thai -

2 Sets Chemical Liquid Filling Machine Delivery To Thai

filling machine delivery to Thai

Congratulations to our Thai customer on the completion of shipment of the chemical liquid filling machine! The Thai customer is engaged in chemical sales. Now there is a relatively backward filling machine in the factory, which is no longer able to meet the customer’s chemical liquid filling needs.

semi-automatic filling machine

Through the Internet, we discovered that we provide this 5-25L semi-automatic chemical liquid filling machine, which the customer uses to fill toluene. Toluene is an important chemical raw material that can be used to make spray paints, explosives, pesticides, dyes, synthetic resins, etc. Through in-depth communication with customers, customers are more concerned about whether we can provide explosion-proof devices, including explosion-proof motors. This ensures safety during the filling of toluene. At first, Thai customers were distrustful of our ability to provide explosion-proof devices. Later, our business staff took videos and pictures of the operation of the chemical liquid filling machine with explosion-proof devices installed at the factory, and the customer decided to cooperate with us.

Our factory has just prepared the first equipment for a Thai customer, and the customer asked us for new equipment. And because of the video provided to customers in the factory, customers have a further in-depth understanding of our company’s strength and recognition of our company’s strength and services.

The customer told us that he also needs a 200L fully automatic chemical liquid filling machine, and it also needs to be equipped with an explosion-proof device. During further communication with the customer, the customer said that their local counterparts in Thailand used servo lifting devices for large-capacity filling, so he insisted on adding a servo lifting device.

Now the customer’s equipment has been stocked and packaged, and has been shipped to the customer’s country through logistics. We look forward to the customer’s two sets of equipment being put into operation as soon as possible and bringing continuous revenue to the customer! !