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Capsule Filling Machine Price -

Capsule Filling Machine Price

capslue filling machine

The capsule-filling machine price ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, mainly depending on your automation needs. According to the degree of automation, we have fully automatic capsule-filling machines and semi-automatic capsule-filling machines.

The automatic capsule filling machine price is tens of thousands of dollars. It can complete the entire filling process through automated procedures, from capsule filling to sealing. The fully automatic capsule-filling machine has higher production efficiency, can save labor costs, and is suitable for large-scale production. Therefore, the price of fully automatic capsule-filling machines is relatively high.

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine requires manual placement of the mold to a designated position for filling powder pills, which requires more manpower investment and is suitable for small and medium-sized capsule manufacturers. In addition, the control methods of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine are divided into two types: button control and touch screen control. Choosing different control methods will also have a certain impact on the price of the semi-automatic capsule-filling machine.

Here is the semi-automatic capsule-filling machine with PLC touch control working process in our factory for your reference!!

The capsule-filling business is an industry with potential. As people become more aware of health, the market for healthcare products continues to expand. Capsule filling, as a common packaging form, has received widespread attention. If you also want to engage in the capsule-filling business, you are welcome to contact us online at any time to get a free quotation on the price of the capsule-filling machine and more detailed information!!