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Capsule Filling Machine Instructions -

Capsule Filling Machine Instructions

capsule filling machine details

A capsule-filling machine is used to fill drugs or other substances into capsules. It is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry, improving production efficiency and ensuring accurate dosing of medications. However, using a capsule filling machine requires following certain operating steps and precautions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the quality of production.

capslue filling machine

To use the capsule-filling machine correctly, here are some detailed operating instructions:

▼Preparation: Before starting to operate the filling machine, always ensure that the equipment has been cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross-contamination. At the same time, check whether all parts of the machine are intact and ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

▼Adjust parameters: According to the required capsule size and drug dosage, adjust the parameters of the filling machine, including filling speed, vibration frequency pressure, etc. Make sure the parameters are set correctly to ensure filling accuracy and stability.

▼Filling the drug: Put the drug powder or granules to be filled into the hopper of the filling machine, and adjust the capacity of the hopper according to the required dosage. Ensure that the quality and dryness of the medicine meet the requirements to avoid blockage or malfunction of the filling machine.

▼Start filling: Start the filling machine and observe the capsule filling process. Ensure uniform and stable filling of capsules to avoid empty capsules or overfilling. Adjust the machine parameters as needed to achieve the best filling effect.

After starting the operation, the capsules in the capsule hopper will enter vertically into the selection fork of the sending device one by one.

Then the capsule will operate along the route shown in Figure 1. When the delivery fork moves downward, a row of capsules will be sent into the guide groove.

After the directional push-out of the shift fork and the action of the selection and delivery fork, the capsule will undergo a U-turn process (as shown in Figure 2).

Finally, install each capsule into the module hole with the upper body of the capsule cap facing downwards.

▼Cleaning and maintenance: After using the filling machine, clean and maintain the equipment in time to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. Regularly check various parts of the machine, replace worn parts, and keep the equipment clean and in good condition.

In short, the capsule filling machine is a very important pharmaceutical production equipment, and correct operation and maintenance are crucial to ensuring product quality and safety. Only by strictly complying with operating procedures and precautions can the stability and efficiency of the filling machine be ensured. We hope that the above operating instructions can help you use the capsule filling machine correctly, improve production efficiency, ensure accurate dosage of drugs, and protect the health of patients. If you want to know more details about the capsule-filling machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online!!